river Odesa region
Ukrainian village by the river, Odesa region

What comes to mind when you hear about Ukraine? Many of you will think about legendary boxer-brothers Klitschko, or a football star Andriy Shevchenko, some will remember the dark pages of history – the tragic explosion at Chornobyl Nuclear Station, a lot of people still associate Ukraine with USSR and consider it a part of Russia, or don’t always have a clear understanding of the long-standing history and cultural differences between the two. However, during the recent years Ukraine has been on the world news` radar due to “Maidan” Revolution, it`s standoff with Russia and therefore was portrayed not for the most positive reasons. For many people Ukraine remains an undiscovered land veiled in mystery with sometimes the wrong perceptions, and this is not the first place that usually comes to mind as your next holiday destination. This blog will try to prove otherwise and show you how much this beautiful country has got to offer and explore the potential of Ukraine as a tourist destination.

Lviv region – landscape views, Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with the land area of 603,700 sq km, followed by France and Spain. It has something to attract any type of traveller – if you are a history geek come down the castles trail and learn more about Ukraine`s raw and pristine history, nature lovers are on call by Ukraine`s forests, mountains, nature reserves and lakes, if you prefer a traditional beach holiday then head down south to one of the Black Seas coastal resorts. There are active tourism opportunities for hiking, cheap skiing, water rafting and trekking, or maybe you want to go for cultural tourism activities and find out that this is a nation with a very colourful and mesmerising culture that you will discover through rich traditions, customs and folklore when meeting the locals and hearing their stories. However, don’t get trapped by the traditional image that first comes to mind – embroidery, ethnic melodies and flower crowns have now found a new meaning and interpretation in the modern arts scene. You will have a chance to admire very edgy and current themes in visual arts, music and experimental performances as some major cities of Ukraine are thriving with contemporary art galleries, festivals and underground clubs. It’s a place where ancient history and enduring traditions echo the modern developing world, as the nation here still keeps a reminder of a long-lasting fight for its survival.

If you do not like to spend your holidays at an ordinary destination, but prefer a more adventurous tourism where throughout your journey you will explore new nations, see the true life of locals and experience new things then Ukraine is your kind of destination! With Mavka Tours you will gain new emotions and experience things you have never experienced before, come with us into this unforgettable new world of Ukraine.


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